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(custom)Sustainable Packaging

by LEE ENDY on

Package protects protects the products that we buy. It's the first impression that we leave to our customers. No matter you are e-commerce, online shoes, shop owners, restaurant owners, as long as you have physical products, SMEs, at most cases you'll need to pay attention on package.

However, too much packages bring so much waste to our environment.

How can our package to be sustainable? How can our package make even negative carbon effect?  At the first day that we are keeping asking ourselves these questions. Following solutions can help your business to be more sustainable in packaging:


1. Custom Compostable Mailers

This is plastic free mailers. These mailers are compostable, more precisely they are home compostable. And we encourage you to reuse them before compost. Compare to those plastic mailers, your are leaving negative footprint to the planet.

Plus: you can just custom these compostable mailers from 500 Units! So far, this you can only get from us.



2. Custom Circular Pack

Why we need a circular package? Towards a circular economy, we are keeping using the material and the packages over and over again. In this way, we are taking the least source from mother planet.

The biggest problem with packaging is that it usually becomes waste as soon as a consumer finishes using a product. That’s why experts in smart packaging also focus on creating designs that are optimized for recycling. By making their existing packaging easier to recycle – and also using more and more recycled material in new packaging – companies can help keep materials in the value chain for longer.

With the model of circular economy, we developed this circ(ular) package, which can be reused for over 90 times!

Plus: You can custom these circular pack as well!























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