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Necessarie's compostable mailer is made from corn starch, PBAT and PLA.  

Home compostable, low carbon alternative to traditional poly mailers. Sustainable, compostable, water proof and durable.

At Necessarie, you can customize & branded compostable mailers/bags at minimum 200 Units.  All the printings are plant based.










How long does it take to compost?

In a home compost it will biodegrade in 3-6 months and can also be commercially composted.





For each +500 Units, normally the price will be 50% discount.

1. Browse our catalog to find your perfect sustainable packaging solution.

2. Upload your design in the format of JPG/Ai/EPS/ CDR / PSD/ PDF.

3. We’ll send a final design proof for you to approve before we print.

4. Your order is finished and will be delivered to you.

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