About Us  

Newly born in Berlin, we are team of sustainability-ist, eco-ist, do-er and with enthusiasts in technology, product design and supply chain.

We are a small and multi-culture team. With our experience in e-commerce and packages, we hope to help small business in reducing the carbon footprint.


Our Solution

Don't trash if you can com-POST.

We understand so far cusomized compostable mailers are only available solutions for big brands. We are going to change this.

We are offering both in stock compostable mailers and custom compostable mailers.

To custom your own brand compostable mailers, you just need small quantity 500 Packs.


Our Mission  

We are developing sustainable package to help retails/brands/ecommerce to reduce package waste. Our mission is to end the use of single use plastic mailers and reduce the use of carton box.    

Our mailer bags are both home compostable and commercial compostable.


Our Values    

Social Responsibility   Sustainability is our default core. Aside from it, we regard ourselves as socially responsible that we strive for the well-being of society and better environment.      

Diversity   From Day One, we are building our team with diversity of ideas and voices.   From all walks of life, cultures, countries, and skin colors—is vital for us in building sustainable and healthy communities. We are open for innovative ideas to advance an inclusive and welcoming ecosystem for all.      



In order to better managing our supply chain, we establish transparency refined processes relating to supplier due diligence and ongoing assessments.





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