CircPack(pending PatentRight) is designed as alternative of single use package. The Circ Pack is made from upcycled material. The Circpack can be easily folded into mail size, put into post box and return back for the next circle. The Circpack can be returned & reused above 90 times, at the end of lifespan, it will be returned to us and we'll recycle them.









How We Close the LOOP






With two pillar-Return & Reuse, we design effective Two-Step Circular model to LOOP the circ-pack.


Step 1. the merchants/brands deliver their package in a Circpack.


         Step 2. the consumers return the empty Circpack free to the merchants.

The merchants receive and reuse for the next delivery. At the end of lisefspan of the Circpack, it will be returned to us. And we prepare for the upcycled or recycled.



Our Contribution to EU Circularity 2030


Compared to carton package, Circpack is keeping the minimum carbon emission in the production process.

Compared to carton package, Circpack is consuming Zero Cardboard.

Compared to single use mailer, Circpack is Plastic Free.

Compared to single use package,Circpack is designed to be (re)used above 90 times.

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