Can I return packages ordered?

Yes. Normally you have 30 days to declare your returning.

Please contact us at  if you need to return any of your order.

Can I return the custom packages ordered?

Unfortunately for all custom orders we donot offer returning service. Write us, lets see what we can do.



Do you deliver abroad?

Yes. We offer FREE worldwide delivery.

What is the shipping methods?

So far, we offer FREE express delivery.


We do not ship to the following countries: Ghana, Kuwait, Brunei, Peru, Nepal.


Will I/We have to pay international taxes, importing taxes or customs charges?

Unfortunately, International taxes and custom charges are out of our control and you may be required to pay sales tax and or duty/Customs charges depending on your location. We'll offer every shipment with shipping documents to help the post/ express for proceeding taxes. If you have concerns regarding applicable customs charges to your country or state, we advise you to contact your local customs office to find out what fees may be relevant to you.  
Until 1 July 2021, commercial goods sent to the EU with a value between €10 and €150 may be subject to import VAT and may incur a handling fee in the receiving country. Commercial goods sent to the EU over €150 attract VAT, customs duties and a handling fee.”The price you paid to us for your order does not include any EU-related VAT, customs or handling fees.



For Custom Order, the delivery takes 4-8 weeks.

For In Stock Order, the delivery takes from week to 4 weeks, depends on the country. 


Do you issue invoices?

Yes. We do.  Please contact us ( when you need invoice.


A mistake in the design

Our team will contact you if your project will not meet the requirements of our specification. In such case, we will ask you to send to use your project again after it’s corrected.

Remember that we do not fix mistakes in any design like misspellings or wrongly placed images.

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